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teddy Zarosinski
OR real estate broker

I'm local to the portland metro area born and raised in oregon city. 

after earning a B.S. degree in philosophy from portland state university, i found oregon too good to leave and opted to remain in portland where i reside today. 

I got my start in real estate with Re/max working under 2 mentoring brokers who gave me what i believe is the best education i could have gotten in our business.

I later took a more independent leap and signed on with the brokers at more realty.

as a small business owner, i understand how to shape shift when new complexities arise and am always willing to take on new obstacles. i put no task in this business below me. When something needs done, I source a professional or get after it myself.


i'm always here to chat about navigating the market with you.

Feel free to check in with me via the contact form below.  

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